The best training program you’ve never tried

1-on-1 Personalised Strength Training

Time Efficient

30 minutes once to twice a week. It’s a revolution.

Evidence Based

Our exercise prescription is based on scientific research and sound thinking to ensure that you will receive the safest and most effective workout. Workout one to one with supervision by experts in injury rehab.

High Intensity Method

This method of short, intense training sessions will develop your muscles to their gentetic potential faster and more efficiently than any other program out there.


You shouldn’t get hurt trying to get healthy. Our goal is to get you stronger so that you can enjoy the things you want to do.

You Don’t Need To Spend More Time In The Gym To Feel Great



Accomplish more in 30 minutes than you ever thought possible in a workout. We will also track your progress so we can make sure you are improving with each and every exercise. 

Improve Your Health and Performance

  • Improve Body Composition.
  • Higher metabolic rate. Burn more calories at rest.
  • Improve cardio-metabolic health.
  • Increase bone mineral density
  • Prevent muscle atrophy, age-related wasting of muscle known as sarcopenia.
  • Improve cognitive function, enhance self-esteem, and combat depression.
  • Enhance athletic performance.  

Injury Rehabilitation

Recover faster by rapidly improving your strength with experts in injury rehabilitation. Whether you have back pain, recovering from surgery or tendonitis you will progress safely. We select the best exercises for your rehabilitation and avoid aggravating your pain.

Here is the plan


Work with a Physiotherapist or an expert personal trainer that will make a customised workout for you

This is your opportunity to try out the workout before you invest any more time into a new fitness program. After this 45 minute Introductory Workout you will have experienced a full body workout and have all the information you need to make a decision on how you will like to move forward. If you are injured or have an extensive history of pain and injury you will need to book a 30 minute Physiotherapy assessment prior to training.  This will be followed up by a 30 minute workout. The assessment will identify the cause of your pain and determine the best exercises for you to do to get you moving pain free.

Experience Science-Based Strength Training

Feel the difference of a science based approach to exercise to get the best results in the least time. You will do exercises that are individualised and suited to your body. You won’t get the same routine as everyone else as we are all different and need specific exercises to feel great.

Only Once To Twice Per Week For 30 Minutes

Can you workout more than that? Yes. Do you need to? The research clearly says, no.

We Use World Class EQuipment From Pendulum Strength

 Maximize your training results through engineered efficiency. Pendulum strength have developed a revolutionary line of weight training equipment. Train the entire body from building explosive leg strength, a strong core, an iron grip and neck training to help prevent injury and train safely. Pendulum Weight machines will get you strong.

Precision Strength Curve

Engineered strength curves for maximum results

Accommodates to different heights

Tested from 4’9” to over 7’ tall athletes.

Set Extension Technology

Equipped with range limiting capabilities.


Train with confidence surrounded by safety features including lockouts, range limiters, non-skid foot pads, and dead stops.

Schedule Your Introductory Workout

We will help you look and feel your best in a fraction of the time

Here is how it works:


If you have an injury or extensive history of pain

You will need a 30 minute Physiotherapy Assessment, which will identify the cause of your pain and determine the best exercises for you to do to get you moving pain free. This will be followed up by a 30 minute workout

If you no injuries or extensive history of pain

You can do your 45 minute into workout with a Physiotherapist or Personal Trainer.

What to expect during your in person introductory workout


  1. Introduced to your Physiotherapist or Personal Trainer that you will be working with.
  2. A short tour of the training studio.
  3. Your Trainer will then ask you some questions to learn more about you, your goals, and your motivations.
  4. Experience a full-body evidence-based workout.
  5. After the workout, your trainer will go over how you can continue to work with us and answer any questions you may have.

If you would like to make an appointment, please call (02) 4396 5686 or Book Online.