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Jarrod Bowman

Jarrod Bowman  

Hi my name is Jarrod, in 2023 I graduated from Newcastle University with a Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours). I have always had an interest in fitness and sport having played many different sports throughout my life. I started playing soccer at five and still play to this day.

After leaving school I completed my certification to become a Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. I continued my education completing a Diploma in Fitness which gave me a better understanding of the human body and how best to help manage clients with injuries. I have spent 15 years training and assisting 1000’s of clients to achieve their goals.

In 2014 I ruptured my ACL which resulted in surgery. Through the rehab process I developed a keen interest in Physiotherapy and in 2018 I started University with a goal of becoming a Physiotherapist.

Inspired by my exercise and sport back ground, I always dreamed of working in a musculoskeletal private practice that focuses on the importance of exercise combined with manual therapy techniques.

I look forward to using the knowledge I have while still being dedicated to learning and developing my skills at Canton Beach Physiotherapy. My two girls inspire me to stay healthy and active and I endeavour to help my clients lead healthy and active lifestyles too.

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