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Are you sick of feeling weak and in pain when you move? Do you want to exercise but are unsure what is the best strength training program? Do you want to be trained by a Physio who understands your body and has been strength training for over 20 years? At Canton Beach Physio we will train you different to any other program you have done before.

Our high intensity training program delivers an incredible full-body workout in only 30 minutes.

We use evidence-based resistance training methods that produce measurable improvements in strength in just one to two sessions per week.

You shouldn’t get hurt trying to get healthy. Our goal is to get you stronger so you can enjoy to the things you want to do.

Experienced, Professional Trainers

Our staff are not hobbyists or people who just love to train. They’re Physiotherapists and Personal Trainers who are experts in the human body. They know the best exercises for you to do to maximise your potential.

At Canton Beach Physio, we use a very slow lifting protocol because it produces faster strength gains without causing injury. By moving slower your muscles work harder and you won’t wear your joints out. The workouts will always be done in a smooth, controlled fashion, with your trainer encouraging that you never throw, drop, bounce, or heave the weights. We do this for two main reasons – safety and efficiency.

We offer 1-on-1 sessions with the ensure maximum benefit for you.

Improve your Sports Performance

Our workouts compliment sports specific training. This means your base level fitness improves without interfering with your ability to practice your sport or compete fresh. Our workouts reduce sports-related injuries. We strengthen the total body so you prevent injuries that are common in your sport.

If you’ve invested countless time and energy into your sport but are looking for that final competitive edge, StrengthPlus can help take you to the next level.  Position yourself to win and contact us today!

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Want to know more about Strength Plus and how our resistance training programs can guarantee 50-100% strength gains in less than one hour per week?

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Is Each Session Only 30 Minutes Long?

Yes. The exercise itself will take approximately 30 minutes. Some people as they advance require 45 minutes.

Will I Get Results by Training Only 30 Minutes Once or Twice a Week?

Yes. Thirty minutes is all you need to set into motion a chain reaction in the body to start building stronger muscles. The more intense the workout, the shorter it needs to last.

Once stimulated, the best thing you can do is to let your body do its job, and give yourself a minimum of two days rest before your body has the chance to recover and grow stronger muscles.

How Soon Should I Expect to See Results?

Many Clients report the feeling of something happening within the first two to three weeks of the program. If you’re working out consistently, by week six you should feel stronger, have less overall fatigue, and your aches and pains should be lessened. Within 12 weeks most people start to see the physical changes in their bodies and show measurable improvements in strength.

If results means to you a total body transformation – then you will need to combine dietary changes with your resistance training program.

What Can I do to Improve My Results?

Nutrition and rest. Eat real food and nourish the body with essential nutrients.  If you eat 2-3g of protein per kilo of your lean body mass you will optimise muscle growth. If you combine the higher protein intake with less carbohydrate your body will change dramatically.

Also be sure to get at least eight hours of sleep per night. Your body repairs and restores at a cellular level during sleep. Exhaustion affects your immune system and goes into overdrive thus leading to chronic inflammation.

How Does a Consultation Work?

If you are a new client the first consultation starts with a 30 minute Physiotherapy assessment and workout. The 30 minute assessment will identify if you have any imbalances in your body and your past history of injuries. This way we can design the right program for you. We learn more about your goals and experience, giving you an opportunity to ask any questions. After the assessment you will immediately perform your first workout.

If you are a current client of Canton Beach Physio you will not need the initial assessment as your Physiotherapist already knows your body and what exercises will be right for you.

What Can I Expect in Each Workout?

Your Physiotherapist will guide you through five to eight different strength training exercises that will give you an intense full body workout. Each exercise takes 1-2 minutes to complete. The repetitions are performed slowly and taken to complete muscular failure. Strength Plus is one of the most intense and time efficient workouts you will ever do.

Why Is the Strength Plus Workout Slow Motion?

We use a very slow lifting protocol because it produces 50% faster strength gains for novice trainees. After that, while the workouts will always be done in a smooth controlled fashion with your Physiotherapist encouraging that you never throw, drop, bounce, or heave the weights.

We do this for two main reasons, safety and efficiency.

  1. Slow lifting dramatically reduces the forces that commonly cause injury to your joints, muscles and connective tissue.
  2. Slow lifting also reduces momentum, which requires the muscles to do most of the work. The result is muscle failure achieved in a minimum amount of time, giving you a much more efficient workout. When you can no longer move the weight, the stimulus for muscle growth has begun.

Armed with the knowledge that you can train without injury, you will have the confidence to push your muscles to the required level of fatigue making your workout more effective.

What Should I do the Days Following my Strength Plus Workout?

Rest! It’s a physiological fact that your body needs sufficient time for rest and recovery. You need to eat well and strength train, but you also need to sit back, relax and let your body do what it needs to do if you want to meet your goals.

Once you have worked your muscles to the point of actual muscular failure, they require sufficient time to repair and restore torn fibres and build new muscle mass. This doesn’t mean do nothing, but rather do things you enjoy at an enjoyable intensity.

This process can be enhanced only with proper nutrition. In general most people will benefit from having more protein and less carbohydrate in their diet.

How Can Strength Plus Improve my Sport Performance?

First of all, with our once to twice a week 30 minute workout you won’t be spending all your spare time at the gym. That means more time doing the activity you want to be better at doing. The strength building you will get from the Strength Plus workout will reduce your risk of injury that would otherwise take you out of the game.

Sports-related injuries are either accumulative or traumatic. Should you become injured or require surgery for some reason, you’ll discover another benefit from our workout, reduced recovery time. You will recover faster when your bones and muscles were at peak performance before any injury sustained.

Is the Strength Plus Workout Safe for out Of Shape Older Adults?

Yes, and in many cases it should be the only way older adults engage in high intensity exercise. That is because our super slow lifting speeds won’t exacerbate any pre-existing injuries. Also the older we get the faster we lose muscle, which leads to falls, injuries, joint problems, and loss of bone density. Once you are over the age of 50 you lose on average 0.5-2% of lean muscle a year. The key to preventing all these issues is engaging in a safe, yet intense strength training program. You will be under the supervision of a Physiotherapist who specialises in treating patients with pain and injury.

Do I Need to do Cardio Exercises?

We all want healthy hearts and we want to do everything we can to maintain terrific cardiovascular health. When you go for a jog you’re using your legs and swinging your arms, you’re not working your heart directly. You are placing a direct demand on your muscles, which in turn are placing the demand on your heart. Your heart cannot differentiate between the effort from riding a bike or doing squats. It merely responds to the need for oxygen and nutrients from working muscles.

Recent studies have shown that the heart can be improved more efficiently by placing an intense demand on the muscles via strength training and interval training, rather than through steady-state activities. This is incredibly valuable information because while steady state activity might end up strengthening the heart, it carries with it the risk of musculoskeletal injuries.

Will I Lose Fat at Strength Plus?

That depends. Exercise alone is not going to be enough to accomplish that goal. No amount of exercise alone can make up for an unbalanced diet, high in the empty calories found in carbohydrates and sugar that we’ve come to exist on these days.

We focus on getting people stronger, which correlates with increased lean tissue, which is more metabolically active. This combined with a high protein and lower carbohydrate diet will allow you to keep lean tissue while nearly exclusively losing body fat, which is actually what we want!

I Have Chronic Back Pain, Should I Not Try Strength Plus?

If you have chronic back pain, you should try Smart Strength. Your Physiotherapist will pick the exercise program that is right for your injury. Regardless of the cause, we discovered the most effective way to improve chronic back pain is through an aggressive strength training regimen that accurately targets the lower back musculature.

Will Strength Plus Improve my Bone Density?

Yes. The key to improving your bone density is strength training. Building muscle directly increases bone density by putting increased stress on the bones. This makes the bones stronger, healthier, and less prone to fractures and breaks. Not only does increased bone density slow the devastating bone loss associated with getting older, but it also helps to counteract any future damage by building additional bone matter.

How Can Strength Plus Help With Diabetes?

Strength training improves insulin control. Strength training uses stored glycogen (sugar) to fuel the powerful contractions. This both empties the muscles of glycogen and makes muscles capable of holding more glycogen at all times. This means lower blood sugar and less insulin to lower blood sugar after a meal.

In conjunction with a lower carbohydrate diet, and with your muscles sucking up any remaining sugar, insulin levels are suppressed – and that’s a good thing.

Is This Exercise Good for Women Who Are Pregnant?

All pregnancies are different, and before you make any decisions regarding exercise during pregnancy, you should check with your doctor. Once your doctor has cleared you for physical activity, our workout prepares you for potentially the most difficult event of a woman’s life.

What Should I Wear?

Wear clothing and shoes that are comfortable and does not restrict your movement.

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